Ask Your Kids: "How Do You Define Greatness?"

beliefs Apr 17, 2021

No two people are alike. Everyone has a unique combination of strengths, interests, and values.

Resilient people believe that they (along with everyone else) have the potential for greatness. After all, if no one else is like them, they have something unique and valuable to offer the world.

Be developing their personal strengths, pursuing their interests, and living in alignment with their personal values, they own their potential and live up to it. 

The problem is, people often spend more time comparing themselves to others and trying to be something they’re not than they do developing the things they are naturally good at and the things they are actually interested in.

Instead of deciding for themselves what kind of greatness they want to be, they spend their time trying to measure up to someone else’s standards of greatness.

When your kids realize that the things that make them unique are the very things that will propel them to their own, special kind of greatness, they can stop looking to others for validation and start owning their own potential.


The 5 Most Important Conversations to Have With Your Kids

The conversation is the relationship.When you have good conversations with your kids, you have good relationships with your kids. 

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