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Are you worried about your teen or pre-teen?

Is your relationship with them fraying?

Are you unsure how to help?

You've come to the right place. We can help you:

  • Reset your relationship with your teenager in two weeks.
  • Have ongoing tools and support to keep the communication open and productive.
  • Bring resilience training to your teen's school or club to create a culture wherein people have meaningful conversations that not only build resilience but also foster genuine connection.
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Our Teens Are Strugging

You Can Help!

The U.S. Surgeon General has declared a mental health crisis for our youth, and we need to address it from every angle:

  • At school
  • In the home
  • On the sports field
  • In after-school programs

Hi. I'm Kristin MacDermott.

I'm a marriage and family therapist, conflict resolution specialist, and resilience expert. I've spent the last 20 years helping people build resilience in the face of a multitude of challenges and improve their relationships under extremely stressful conditions.

If you want to help your teen learn critical skills and improve your relationship with your teen, join me in creating a Resilience Ripple.

Three Easy Steps

Reset Your Relationship

Start by completely transforming your relationship with your teen in two weeks. It's a simple, app-based course that takes less than 10-minutes a day and helps you and your teen resolve conflict, install healthy communication into your relationship, and align around a path forward that makes you both feel good about yourselves and each other.

Reset Your Relationship

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Join our community of conscious parents who are showing up for their teens at the time when they need them most. Get daily tools and inspiration as well as weekly coaching directly from me.

Together we will put the joy back in parenting!

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Spread Resilience Reminders™

Everyone needs resilience. The more people in a child's life who are able to have resilience-building conversations the better. Our easy-to-implement program fosters a culture of genuine belonging and connection for the entire community. Together we can get people talking to each other in ways that build people up and inspire us to be our best.

Get Resilience Reminders™!

Twenty Years of Research and Development


The MacDermott Method curriculum has been validated in multiple studies, including two randomized-controlled trials, by researchers from THE DUKE CLINICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE, published in peer-reviewed journals, and proven to promote clinically significant improvement in key mental health and resilience outcomes, including anxiety, depression, distress, self-efficacy and PTSD.

Kristin MacDermott, founder of The MacDermott Method, has designed resilience-training programs for some of the highest-performing people on the planet, including Navy SEALs, LAPD officers, the National Guard, the Veteran's Administration, oncology nurses and other healthcare providers, as well as people navigating the challenges of cancer, type I diabetes and end-of-life at over 20 hospitals across the country. 

Her true passion is bringing these life-changing skills to teens and pre-teens to help them flourish in the face of the loneliness, disconnection and sense of feeling overwhelmed so many of them are experiencing.

More About the Research

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