At some point or another, we will all be brought to our knees. Divorce, parenting challenges, job loss, financial crises, breakups, illnesses ... these are all part of the human story.

Divorcing Parents

Yes, your kids will be okay. In fact, they will thrive! Our program teaches you and your children skills you can use whenever life throws an obstacle your way.

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The secret to great parenting is this: Build self-efficacy and nurture self-esteem. Parents who take our course raise happy, empowered, resilient kids.

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Trusted Advisors

Trusted advisors are in a position to impact a client's quality of life and long-term happiness. Give your clients the gift of happy, empowered, and resilient families.

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The MacDermott Method

The skills we teach are based on nearly two decades of research with the Duke Clinical Research Institute. These methods have been used by police forces, by Navy SEALs, in hospitals, on university campuses, in corporate board rooms, in high school classrooms, and with organizations that mentor at-risk children.

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