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Because strong family capital is an essential component of strong financial capital

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Become a Resilient Family Capital Specialist


Our clients are financial advisors who want to serve their clients in deeper, more meaningful ways than simply attending to the financials but are wary of wading into the realm of interpersonal relationships, which can be fraught with conflict and unspoken tension.

After all, it can feel like you need to be a therapist rather than a financial advisor to navigate the elephants and land mines in the room!

That is exactly why the Resilient Family Capital training program was created by a marriage and family therapist—to give advisors the tools and training you need to successfully traverse the interpersonal landscape that gets stirred up by conversations about money.

The Resilient Family Capital training program consists of live sessions with founder Kristin MacDermott, LMFT, as well as online video tutorials, worksheets, and scripts that are proven to navigate and strengthen family units.

Ultimately, the training program provides advisors with all the tools, collateral, and knowledge they need to become Resilient Family Capital Specialists and lead four family meetings that help families develop the skills they need to become resilient and preserve their family legacy.

The training is pulled from a curriculum that has been validated in four clinical trials with researchers from Duke and proven to promote key resilience outcomes. The curriculum has been used to train Navy SEALs, first responders, healthcare providers and patients, executives, parents and students across the country.

But the most important place to teach the skills in this curriculum them is in families.

Fortunately, advisors to families are uniquely positioned to help their clients build stronger, more resilient family units. After all, the stronger the family unit, the more likely a legacy will endure throughout the generations.

Lead Four Family Meetings

Meeting #1: Stories & Perspectives

The experiences we have shape our perspectives. The trouble is: We all have different experiences, but we very likely expect that our perspective is the true and accurate perspective. In Meeting #1, families understand each other's stories and perspectives and walk away from this meeting feeling more deeply connected to one another, and more capable of considering varied perspectives.

Meeting #2: Conflict & Communication

How families argue with each other is more important than what they argue about. When families lack a healthy paradigm for managing conflict, resentments fester, tensions escalate, and family members begin to withdraw. In Meeting #2, families will learn how to engage in healthy conflict, process it, and move forward feeling more deeply connected and better equipped to have difficult conversations. 

Meeting #3: Needs & Boundaries

In Meeting #3, families will learn why resentment builds, and what they can do to avoid it altogether. This is where families will get crystal clear on how to consistently and effectively assert their own boundaries (which is essential when large sums of money are being distributed), prevent entitlement, and engage in explicit conversations about balancing each family member's needs.

Meeting #4: Strengths & Values

Ultimately, family units have more resilience and better longevity when they honor and celebrate every member's unique strengths, as well as the strengths of the family as a unit. In this meeting, advisors will learn how to help families make room for each member's unique strengths and values, all the while bringing family members together to align around a family mission, vision, and legacy.

Become a Resilient Family Capital Specialist

Help families learn the secrets of resilient family capital through the Resilient Family Capital training program for trusted advisors. 

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About Your Coach, Kristin MacDermott, LMFT

Hi, I'm Kristin MacDermott. I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist, conflict resolution specialist, and creator of the Resilient Family Capital training program for trusted advisors.

My resilience-training programs have been validated in four studies (including two randomized-controlled trials) with researchers from the Duke Clinical Research Institute, published in peer-review journals, and proven to promote clinically significant improvement in key mental health and resilience measures, including distress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and self-efficacy.

Over the past two decades, I have developed resilience-training programs for some of the highest performing people on the planet, including Navy SEALS, the Los Angeles Police Department, and healthcare providers at 20 hospitals across the country, including at Duke Health and the National Institutes of Health. I have created programs for corporate executives, cancer patients, at-risk youth in inner city Los Angeles, and students at top universities.

My passion is helping families. Families can and should be our greatest source of joy as humans, but as a society, we fail to teach the basic skills necessary to nurture supportive, good-feeling relationships. My mission is to teach those skills to every family who wants to experience more connection, joy and love.

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