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Give your clients powerful resources that will change their lives & set the foundation for future generations. 

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Get the full curriculum for taking your clients through Four Family Meetings designed to build resilient family units.

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Our Goal

Our goal is that you become the person responsible for shaping a brighter future for your clients and their families. 

When families are strong—when they enjoy spending time together, communicate well, and know how to overcome the inevitable adversity that is part of the human experience—they are better positioned to protect and improve the family's financial picture.

Financial capital can be used to strengthen the family unit, and family capital can be used to preserve and grow financial capital.

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Our pricing starts at just $150/month.

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Access the Content Library

When you become a member, you will have access to a content library that is packed with tools that represent two decades of research and development into what makes individuals and family units thrive. Simply cut and paste the emails from within the library, attach the resources (worksheets, articles, booklets, and other tools), and press send. 

You'll be the person responsible for providing powerful resources that change your clients' lives.

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Included in the Content Library

The Content Library is packed with digital resources for helping your clients build more resilient family units, and there is a paperback book included, too!

When you become a member of the Content Library, you can opt to write the introduction to our book, Resilient Family Capital: The 15 Strategies Every Family of Wealth Needs. Your name, picture, and bio will go on the cover.

OR, if co-branding is not not your cup of tea, you can request copies with our name on them. Either way, give this powerful book to your clients to demonstrate your commitment to helping families use their wealth to improve their lives in ways that really matter.

Lead the Four Family Meetings

This is our premier product for transforming families over the course of four family meetings led by you. As a Resilient Family Strategist, you will have access to the complete curriculum for the Four Family Meetings, as well as licensing to use these tools.

Your training will include everything you need to run the Four Family Meetings: the full curriculum, videos, evidence-based tools, and verbatim scripts. And remember: You can charge a premium for these powerful meetings. 

What Are the Four Family Meetings?

The Four Family Meetings represent years of research and clinical trials by Kristin MacDermott into what makes individuals and family units thrive. Our training curriculum deconstructs the four components of healthy interpersonal dynamics that allow families (and fortunes) to persist over generations. Advisors can lead The Four Family meetings themselves. Or, outsource this to us.

Either way, your clients will understand that you are as committed to their emotional well-being as you are to their financial well-being.

Meeting #1: Building Connection

Our life experiences inform our paradigms, beliefs, and behaviors. When people have different life stories, they develop varied perspectives, which can lead to conflict and disconnection within families. Understanding the stories about how people developed their different perspectives builds understanding and deepens connection.

Meeting #2: Addressing Conflict

How families argue is often more important than what they argue about. Conflict can be productive if family members use a healthy model of conflict resolution that allows them to better understand each other's perspectives, to feel seen and heard (even when they disagree), and to reach solutions that result in everyone getting more of their needs met.

Meeting #3: Ending Resentment

When family members do not set and enforce boundaries effectively, relationships suffer. In fact, setting and enforcing boundaries is the key to protecting relationships from resentment and making sure everyone gets their needs met met. This meeting helps families set boundaries, balance needs, ... and then reset relationships.

Meeting #4: Fostering Belongingness

Families function best when the family culture fosters a sense of belongingness for each family member. The family can achieve this by celebrating each person’s unique strengths, honoring their values, and making room for their interests. In this meeting, families will align their family vision and learn how to honor uniqueness so that no one feels like the black sheep.

"As a family office professional who specializes in helping families flourish, I can’t say enough good things about The MacDermott Method resilience programming. Their resources are a gift to advisors who care about helping clients communicate better, resolve conflict more effectively, and enjoy each other more. I’ve partnered with The MacDermott Method because I am a CPA committed to helping my clients use their financial capital to strengthen their family capital. I’ve used The MacDermott Method’s high-quality resources when conducting family meetings and helping with family dynamics issues, and the results have been transformative. I encourage you to sign up for the Resilient Family Specialist Program and experience the rewards, for both you and your clients, it has to offer."

—Lisa Strutzel, President, LAF Family Wealth Advisors

Pricing Options

Our pricing starts at just $150/month.

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About Kristin MacDermott, Our Co-Founder

Hi, I'm Kristin MacDermott. I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist, conflict resolution specialist, resilience expert and co-creator of the Resilient Family Capital training program for trusted advisors.

My resilience-training programs have been validated in four studies (including two randomized-controlled trials) with researchers from the Duke Clinical Research Institute, published in peer-review journals, and proven to promote clinically significant improvement in key mental health and resilience measures, including distress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and self-efficacy.

Over the past two decades, I have developed resilience-training programs for some of the highest performing people on the planet, including Navy SEALS, the Los Angeles Police Department, and healthcare providers at 20 hospitals across the country, including at Duke Health and the National Institutes of Health. I have created programs for corporate executives, cancer patients, at-risk youth in inner city Los Angeles, and students at top universities.

My passion is helping families. Families can and should be our greatest source of joy as humans, but as a society, we fail to teach the basic skills necessary to nurture supportive, good-feeling relationships. My mission is to teach those skills to every family who wants to experience more connection, joy and love.

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If you need a little more information before deciding to become a Resilient Family Strategist, just let us know! We will send you a comprehensive packet, and schedule a consultation.