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It only takes two weeks, but you'll want to stick around for the "Tune Up" Tools and live Office Hours.

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How it Works


Reset Your Relationship With Your Teen

It only takes two weeks.

Seriously. Spend fewer than 10 minutes a day watching short videos and answering a few questions that get you in the headspace to have a transformative conversation with your teen.

It's all laid out in a fool-proof, step-by-step course that you access from our app, so you can do it anywhere. 

AND, I'll be with you every step of the way in live, online Office Hours to answer your questions and coach you through the process.

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Master Great Communication With Our "Tune Up" Tools and Weekly Conversation Starters

Once you've reset your relationship, you'll want to keep the great communication going. 

This can feel awkward at first, so I give you a set of foundational tools to help with the challenges that will naturally arise:

  • Stop Being Afraid of Conflict
  • Get Honest About Resentment
  • Put an End to Entitlement
  • The Secret to Good Boundaries
  • How to Listen Like a Pro
  • What to do About Lying
  • How to Handle the Deal-Breaker Issues: When you Disagree About the Big Things
  • How to Help Teens Launch
  • How to Talk About Mental Health¬†

I also give you weekly conversation starters that allow you and your teen to practice communicating well, so these newfound skills become powerful, relationship-enhancing habits.

These tools are exclusive for members.

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Troubleshoot the Tough Spots With Live Coaching

No matter how good your communication skills are, you are going to have some rocky patches, as conflict is a natural part of almost all relationships.

The good news is conflict can actually bring you closer, if you can keep a clear head and an open heart. 

Together we can talk things through, so you can feel confident doing those more difficult things like advocating for your own needs, preventing entitlement, and enforcing boundaries.

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Additional Perks of Membership


  • Starting in September I will be launching monthly webinars of various topics, and members will get free access.

Private Facebook Group

  • Connect with other members, share ideas, and inspire each other to¬†best your best parenting self as you practice new things.

Discounts on courses

  • Resilience-Based Parenting is a 52-Skill audio course for parents who want to really dig in.
  • Parenting Through Divorce is a 49-Skill audio course that gives you a step-by-step guide through the challenge of divorce.¬†