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Access the Content Library

Give your clients powerful resources that will change their lives & set the foundation for future generations.

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Lead Four Family Meetings

Get the full curriculum for taking your clients through Four Family Meetings designed to build resilient family units.

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Get Both

Get the full curriculum for taking your clients through Four Family Meetings designed to build resilient family units.

Access the Content Library

When you become a member,  you will have access to a content library that is packed with tools that represent two decades of research and development into what makes individuals and family units thrive.


Simply cut and paste the emails from within the library, attach the resources (worksheets, articles, booklets, and other tools), and press send. 


These resources can be added to your content marketing email sequences, or to client nurture sequences. 


Either way, you will show clients and prospects that you are committed to helping them build last legacies through strong family units. You'll be the person responsible for providing powerful resources that change your clients' lives.


Our basic program starts at just $150/month (with a 12-month commitment), with an additional options to customize and co-brand our book: Resilient Family Capital: The 15  Strategies Every Family of Wealth Needs. 

Lead the Four Family Meetings

You will receive all of the training to become a Resilient Family Strategist, so you can lead your clients through Four Family Meetings that will transform their relationships, and change the future of the family's legacy.


This video training includes all the scripts, worksheets, guide books, and resources you need to run these meetings.


Plus, you will receive three one-on-one consultations with Kristin MacDermott, LMFT.

Get the Complete Package

By using the Content Library and the Four Family Meetings as a package, you'll have a complete turnkey solution that allows you to:

  • Deliver relevant and life-changing resources to your prospects and clients.

  • Strengthen your existing content marketing sequence (or create one, if you don't have one).

  • More easily sell the Four Family Meetings to your clients by using the resources within the Content Library to pique their interest and ask you for additional resources.  


This option also incudes co-branding of our book: Resilient Family Capital: The 15 Strategies Every Family of Wealth Needs.

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