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Parenting Through Divorce

In this course, you will learn:

  • Secrets for strengthening your connection with your child.
  • Strategies for parenting in the midst of emotional turbulence.
  • Lifelong resilience skills that will make you and your children more empowered and joy-filled, now, and anytime life throws an obstacle your way.
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Personal Autobiography

Tap into the best of yourself and your children. Our workbook helps you find your strengths and create a new family culture. Write a powerful next chapter.

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We are proud to offer a course that provides actionable skills that have been proven in four studies to improve outcome. These are skills that you can use to feel better now, and to create a better future for your family.

We will never say that spending thousands of dollars and months (or even years) in therapy is the wrong thing to do. After all, Kristin is a therapist! What we will say is that our program offers many of these same outcomes in just ten minutes. Outcomes like ...

  • Clearing away the confusion so that you can make decisions more confidently.
  • Regaining emotional stability.
  • Connecting with your kids amidst a trying obstacles and feeling proud of how you show up for your kids.
  • Finding clarity about the life your want to create with your children in the next phase of your life.

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"Will My Kids Be Okay?"

You have heard the stories and statistics about divorce ruining lives and wreaking havoc on children.

But you and your children are going to be okay.

In fact, the expectation you should have of the Parenting Through Divorce course is that by the time you are done, you will feel confident that you and your children will thrive, that there will be a day in the not-so-distant future when you laugh so hard that your side aches, and you feel so happy that your smile is contagious.

We have several pieces of evidence that this is true.

The first piece of evidence is scientific. The adverse outcomes in children of divorced families almost always dissipate within two years of divorce. And only about 15 percent of adult children of divorced parents experience problems beyond those whose parents remained married (and oftentimes, these "problems" are mild).

But that is neither here nor there, and this is why: Your children are not going to be in that 15 percent who continue to have divorce-related problems.

How do we know this? We know this because of our second piece of evidence, which is this: You are doing something extraordinary by taking the Parenting Through Divorce curriculum.

Very few people are as conscientious and intentional about their parenting. You are going to have the tools to help your children navigate this journey and reach the other shore feeling joyful and empowered.

You will learn tools that, frankly, everyone needs, and few people learn—divorced or not.

By the time they graduate from high school, most people will have received approximately 13,000 hours of training and education, supposedly to prepare themselves for success in the real world. They are taught the formula for salt, how to play Hot Cross Buns on a recorder, all of the state capitals, and various plant phyla.

Yet, not a single minute of those 13,000 hours is spent on resilience training. It is the rare school that dedicates any time to helping kids build emotional intelligence or self-awareness. Few school children learn the skills needed to navigate relationships, overcome setbacks, or find happiness.

Most of these children will not ever need to know the formula for salt. They can google the state capitals. And it is highly unlikely that lack of knowledge of the plant phyla will inhibit their careers in any significant way.

Yet, 100 percent of these children will face an obstacle at some point in their lives. 

Your children, unlike almost all other children, are going to learn the skills to get through this obstacle that they are facing today and the ones they face tomorrow.

They are going to learn these skills from you and from the work you will do over the next seven weeks.

Whatever comes your way, you will be able to handle it. Your kids will be okay. You will all thrive.

Let Something Change Your Life

  • Receive the first seven lessons at no obligation.
  • Make the Five Household Promises that create an environment that builds resilience.
  • Discover the two characteristics resilient children have, and learn how to nurture these qualities.
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