The Skill of Asking Great Questions ... Learn It, and Teach It To Your Kids

conversations interpersonal relationships Mar 01, 2021
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Conversations are the backbone of a relationship. Conversations that are deep and authentic result in relationships that are close and long-lasting. When kids know how to have great conversations, they can build strong, supportive relationships. 

Knowing how to have great conversations is a skill—one that can be learned. A good way to start teaching this skill is to teach your kids to ask great questions. 

When kids learn how to ask great questions, they can start interesting conversations. And perhaps more importantly, they can start new friendships. Great questions get people talking. They invite people to open up and they allow the questioner to show that they actually care about the answer—that they are really listening.

If your children learn this skill, they will be perceived by their peers as interesting, curious, and engaging. They might also become the allies to the shy kids, who will deeply appreciate someone taking the time to engage them in a meaningful conversation.

And, when your own children are the new kids on the block, asking great questions will help them get to know people and develop friendships faster.

But, like I said, asking great questions is a skill. It isn't enough to just tell your kids to ask great questions. Instead, role play. Put yourselves in various situations where asking great questions can come in handy.

Pretend to be shy and guarded. Make your kids work hard to get you to open up. 

Or, pretend like you are at a party and don't know anyone.

And what about college admissions interviews, dates, and job interviews? These are all times when knowing how to ask great questions will help your children succeed.  

Here are some easy questions your kids can ask in various situations ...

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