Self-Care Sunday: Write the Next Chapter

self-care sunday Feb 07, 2021

One of the outcomes of the coronavirus-related shutdowns is that people are in a position where they can more easily identify what is important and what isn’t important. We all know that there are certain activities we cannot wait to do again, and we also know that there are certain activities we are relieved to no longer be doing.

So why not be intentional about identifying what our ideal lives look like, and then take this time to put parameters around the next chapter so that it more closely resembles your desires?

When you consider what this next chapter looks like, you might identify activities you can stop doing, but you might also identify activities you want to keep doing. For instance, you might realize that you don’t really miss your volunteer activities all that much, and that you have loved the evening walks you take with your family. Maybe you would rather spend time with your family than pursue some of the activities that would cause you to spend less time with your family if you decided to take them up again.

If you have a family, now is a good time to sit down and consider what everyone wants the future to look like. You can ask:

  • “What should we keep doing?”
  • “What should we do more of when life returns to normal?”
  • “What have you missed most?”
  • “What do you not miss at all?”
  • “What have you learned about what you want your life to look like?”

Here is a worksheet you can use to direct these conversations and be intentional about the next chapter of your life. Sit down with your whole family and have everyone complete this worksheet separately. Then discuss everyone's answers as a family unit so that you can create a future that more closely resembles everyone’s desires.

The 5 Most Important Conversations to Have With Your Kids

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