Self-Care Sunday: Instant Mood Shifters

self-care sunday Jan 17, 2021

One of the biggest misconceptions about emotions is this: Negative emotions are bad.

The truth is, negative emotions aren't bad. We call them negative because they feel bad, but negative emotions are actually good. Anger is usually telling us that we deserve better. Sadness is often reminding us of people and things that are important to us. Fear is trying to alert us to danger and telling us to protect ourselves.

But sometimes, we need a break from negative emotions. Sometimes, even when our anger is justified, carrying it around is wrecking our day. Sometimes it causes us to snap at people who don't deserve it. And sometimes, even when we are in the midst of honoring and processing our anger, sadness, or fear, we just need a break from them for a little while.

Today, for Self-Care Sunday, why not make a list of your Instant Mood Shifters? Instant Mood Shifters are those things that make you feel better immediately. Watching a funny video, throwing the ball for the dog, laughing with friends, or reading a book might all be Instant Mood Shifters. 

Check out this activity for help identifying your Instant Mood Shifters. 

Instant Mood Shifters are personal. Certain songs might always put a smile on your face. Photos of people you love or favorite memories could cheer you up when you need it. Watching standup comedy or funny YouTube clips could pull you out of a funk, as could spending time with certain people who always make you feel better.  

In addition, doing something physical can shift your energy and mood, as can engaging in mental activities, like crossword puzzles or Sudoku. 

When we identify our own Instant Mood Shifters in advance, we can take a break from negative emotions anytime we want to. Instant Mood Shifters put us in control of our emotions. We might even tell ourselves we’ll come back to our negative emotions if we need to. But for now, if we want to feel better, we can whip out our list of Instant Mood Shifters and choose to focus on something that will lift our spirits. 

Happy Sunday!

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