Self-Care Sunday: Move Toward Desire, Not Away From Fear

self-care sunday Mar 21, 2021
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In today's Self-Care Sunday tip, we encourage you to consciously move in the direction of what you desire rather than away from what you fear.

When making decisions, we have a tendency to either move toward desire or away from fear.

Moving toward desire can be scary.

After all, if you do not achieve your desires, you might feel embarrassed or rejected.

And yet, leaning in the direction of what you want is the only way to achieve your dreams.

If you are constantly moving away from something out of fear, you will almost certainly never get what it is that you actually want.

Moving toward a desire is always the path for an authentic life.

Moving away from fear is always the path for a life of unspoken and unrealized dreams.

So many people talk themselves out of their dreams because they think it feels better to not want them than to want them and not achieve them.

But this is not actually true. Pretending like we don't want things only makes us feel disempowered and apathetic about life.

On the other hand, taking baby steps in the direction of what you truly desire feels empowering.

In fact, the path out of despair and disempowerment is paved with small steps toward desire.

When you do not know what else to do, then, move toward joy.

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