Have Great Conversations with Your Teens & Tweens: Four Strategies

conversations Sep 01, 2021

Conversations are our most powerful tool for teaching resilience, modeling the behavior we want our children to emulate, and connecting with our kids. 

In fact, the strength of our relationships with our tweens and teens can be measured by the strength of our conversations.

Conversations that are candid and non-judgmental create relationships that are trusting and resilient, whereas conversations that are one-sided and agenda-driven create relationships that are fragile and disconnected.

In fact, the conversation is the relationship.

The first pillar in Resilience-Based Parenting™, our 52-skill toolkit for raising teens and tweens (and loving it), is about empowering the conversation and changing the relationship you have with your teens and tweens. 

In this pillar, you will learn to: 

  • Level with your teens and tweens
  • Seek their opinions
  • Master the fine art of validation
  • Nurture "social competence" 

When you change the conversation, you change the relationship. Resilience-Based Parenting™ opens its doors in just a few weeks. Join the waitlist now. 

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