Do Your Kids Know How to Fail Gracefully?

Sep 03, 2021

If your kids aren't failing from time to time, they probably aren't pushing themselves. They are playing it safe.

No one who has reached a high level of success made it without falling flat on their face once or twice. 

Great athletes were cut from teams. Great comedians were booed off stage. Great business people went bankrupt.

And great scholars had more theories rejected than accepted. 

But, there are good ways to fail and bad ways to fail. 

When we extract the lessons from our failures, we grow. We become stronger, better, more resilient versions of ourselves. 

And we are more likely to have success in the future.

When we point fingers, make excuses, and blame ... well, that's the bad way to fail.

In Resilience-Based Parenting™, our toolkit for raising tweens and teens (and loving it!), we spend a lot of time helping families learn the skills for normalizing failure, overcoming failure, and recovering from failure. 

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