Ask Your Kids, "What attributes do you wish you had?"

conversation starters Mar 09, 2021
resilience parenting

We all have people in our lives whom we admire. They could be friends, teachers, or people we don't know well. Regardless, we probably admire them because they have traits we wish we had. 

Maybe you admire Angie because she is a leader, Gabriel because he is always so friendly and welcoming, and Geoff because he makes people laugh. 

The good news is that these are all skills that we can learn, so why not take the time to help your children pinpoint these traits, and then learn how to can incorporate them into their own personalities? 

Resilient people are always growing. They believe that they are capable of impacting the outcomes of their lives, so they take advantage of opportunities to make themselves and their lives better, and this includes changing the way they are perceived, learning new skills, and adopting new behaviors when it serves them to do so. 

When we have people in our lives whom we admire, we can learn from them. This might involve observing their behavior and trying it on for ourselves, asking them questions, or finding your own resources for adopting similar traits. 

The first step, though, is to identify what you like about other people, and then decide whether you aspire to be similar.

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