We build resilience in short conversations that improve relationships.

No training or preparation necessary. And it doesn't take a lot of time.


Build Resilience in Two Minutes

Happiness is a mindset. Anyone can learn it. Master your emotions and bring your best self to your relationships… learn these life-changing skills in two minutes!

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Resilience Reminders A Tool for Everyone

Everything you need to start a resilience-building conversation comes in a "Skill of the Week" email. All you have to do is read it, reflect on the provided questions or discuss them with a person or group, and feel the transformation. 

Put the joy in parenting again.

Raising kids—even teens—can be fun! For less than $7 a week, you can learn skills (and teach them to your kids) that allow you to love spending time together.

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Let us tell you about Resilience Reminders

Why Resilience?

Resilience is the ability to successfully adapt to hardship, trauma and significant sources of stress. 

Everyone experiences disappointments, setbacks, failures, losses and challenges. Resilience allows you not simply to bounce back but to actually use hardship to grow into a stronger, happier version of yourself.

A resilient mindset unlocks a child's potential. 

Resilience Reminders

How it works:

Everything you need in the palm of your hand

  • Each week an email with everything you need to start a resilience-building conversation about the "Skill of the Week" is delivered to your inbox.
  • All you have to do is pull it up when you are ready to have a short conversation and READ it aloud.
  • No training or preparation is necessary. Really. 
  • Each email contains a brief description of the resilience skill of the week and also provides a few questions you can ask to start a conversation. 
  • Taken one at a time, the concepts are easy to understand and discuss. Together, they form a comprehensive set of skills that create a resilient mindset.

An Evidence-Based Curriculum

Resilient Conversations is based on a resilience-training curriculum that has been validated in 4 studies with researchers from The Duke Clinical Research Institute, published in peer-reviewed journals, and proven to promote clinically significant improvement in key resilience and wellness outcomes. Versions of the curriculum have been used by Navy SEALs, first responders, people with hospitals, caregivers, schools, corporations, and non-profits that support at-risk youth.


About Kristin MacDermott, Creator of The MacDermott Method

Hi, I'm Kristin MacDermott. I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist and creator of the MacDermott Method. Our mission is to bring resilience-training to every child in America. We do this by creating resilience-training content for parents, schools, youth-focused non-profits, and mentors.

My resilience-training programs have been validated in four studies (including two randomized-controlled trials) with researchers from the Duke Clinical Research Institute, published in peer-review journals, and proven to promote clinically significant improvement in key mental health and resilience measures, including distress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and self-efficacy.

Over the past two decades, I have developed resilience-training programs for some of the highest performing people on the planet, including Navy SEALS, the Los Angeles Police Department, and healthcare providers at 20 hospitals across the country, including the National Institutes of Health. I have created programs for cancer patients, divorcing families, parents, athletes, students and for at-risk youth and the mentors who support them.

My passion is helping children. All of us will face obstacles. There's no preventing it. But when we teach children resilience skills, we open the doors for them to move past these obstacles quickly and access their best-feeling lives. We give them the tools to choose good-feeling relationships, to pursue their dreams, and to grow into self-confident, compassionate, solution-focused adults.

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