We All Need Resilience 

At some point or another, we will all be brought to our knees. Divorce, parenting challenges, job loss, financial crises, breakups, illnesses ... these are all part of the human story.

We provide resilience-building resources for families, trusted advisors, and schools so that everyone can learn the skills they need to overcome life's inevitable obstacles and become stronger, happier versions of themselves. 

For Parents

The secret to raising resilient kids is this: nurture their self-esteem and train their self-efficacy. Parents who use our toolkit raise self-aware, emotionally intelligent, empowered kids. In other words, we help parents raise resilient kids. In the process, parents build their own resilience, deepen their connections with their kids, and strengthen their family units.

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For Trusted Advisors

We help trusted advisors who understand that rich family capital supports strong financial capital.  We do this through four family meetings designed to help families build resilient family units.

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For Divorcing Families

Yes, your kids will be okay. In fact, they will thrive! Our toolkit for divorcing parents teaches you and your children skills that allow you to use the experience of divorce to grow stronger and closer. Furthermore, these skills will serve you far beyond the divorce by helping you use future challenges as catalysts for growth and, ultimately, happiness.

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For Schools

We help schools strengthen and enrich their communities by making resilience training a part of the daily conversation. We do this by providing a content library, email sequences and eCourses that unite the entire school community around weekly skill-building conversation topics that can be had in the classroom, on the athletic field, and at the dinner table. We think resilience should be taught in schools. Now it can be.

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For Multi-Generational Families: Family Legacy Books

Resilient families are aligned around shared values, vision and legacy.

Taking the time to document your family stories and beliefs, particularly those around strength, resilience, and growth, provides a means of transmitting your family’s legacy of collective wisdom to future generations. Furthermore, the very process of creating a Family Legacy Book with a resilience expert/family therapist allows for realignment and relationship repair in those areas where family cohesion and communication have broken down.

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About the MacDermott Method

The skills we teach are based on nearly two decades of research with the Duke Clinical Research Institute. Kristin MacDermott, founder of the MacDermott Method, has used these tools when working with police forces, the Navy SEALs, in hospitals, on university campuses, in corporate board rooms, in high school classrooms, and with organizations that mentor at-risk children.

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